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Culture & Philosophy

Our People Philosophy

Nothing, and we mean nothing, is more important than the team. When we work together we all succeed. Everything at Driven Products is centered around everyone working together to achieve our goal of creating the world's simplest and most accurate e-commerce buying experience for wheels, tires and related accessories.

We believe that there are two essential components to any businesses success. The first component is comprised of teams who operate the business, execute daily operations, and take care of our boss (the customer). The second component is made up of teams who are passionate about building things, spending all of their time growing the business, and supporting the teams that operate the business. Everything else is just noise.

Our Operational Philosophy

You can sum this up with a hair style… The mullet. We are a lot of business up front and a little bit of party in the back. We are a business and we exist to make profit but that does not mean we can’t have fun doing it. It’s common sense that if you enjoy the people you work with and like what you are doing, you and your team are going to be more likely to succeed. So, that's what we do, we have fun and we are always striving for better team performance.

We utilize parts of agile project management in just about everything we do. This ensures that we are achieving at the highest levels possible while still being fun, collaborative, and accountable. We are far from perfect and have a lot we can improve on, but that’s okay because learning and growing as a team and as an individual is a heck of a lot of fun.

Our Culture in Kent

Located in the business community of Kent, WA just 20 miles outside of Seattle, our office is home to a small team of highly devoted and motivated people. You don’t have to be a car nut to fit in with our team, but it doesn’t hurt to appreciate a sick ride every once in awhile.

Company culture is important to us at Driven Products. We feel if we invest in our team, we can grow as individuals, as a team, and as a company. By offering a generous allotment of paid time off and bonus plans, we allow all team members to truly work hard and play hard. Personal development is also not only encouraged, but required. Driven Products team members are required to devote a minimum of 10% of their time at work on growing themselves. This doesn’t just mean sharpening your tactical skills, but also your leadership skills. We feel if we can help you strengthen your current skillsets and improve on weaknesses, we all win.

The sense of team is yet another factor that drives our flywheel here at Driven Products. Creating a strong sense of teamwork and collaboration is why we have a communal lunch break. This is where we hold daily ping pong and foosball tournaments, games of UNO and Jenga, even Nerf Wars!

We want to empower each and every member of our team. Employee autonomy is one of the reasons why we succeed. Micro-managing is a dirty word in our office. We cultivate agile, flexible thinking and a “build for better” philosophy from everyone at Driven Products. No matter what you do, you are apart of a bigger picture. We encourage constant feedback so we can all improve together. Everyone has ideas and suggestions. We want to know what yours are.

Our 12 Guiding Principles truly guide our every action. If you really want to know what we are about, read our 12 Guiding Principles. Every team member should refer to these principles when they are ever stuck. Ask any Driven Products team member why they like working here. You might find those answers in how we create our company culture. If you care and invest in the team, you won't need to manage them, the company manages itself.

Our Culture for Telecommuters

Driven Products is a company that leverages the highest technology available and telecommuting is no different. We feel strongly that having the right people on our bus is an essential part to growing our business. However, sometimes that special person with hard-to-find skills is not available in our neck of the woods.

Utilizing highly collaborative methods such as real-time documents and agile project management allows our telecommuting employees to feel like they are right there in the office. We do so by having multiple high definition video conferencing stations available and providing full video conferencing equipment at almost every employee's work station. This allows us to chat with any team member, anywhere, at any time. It’s like you’re there updating SCRUM boards, joking with the team or finding new ways to innovate how e-commerce is done, but you’re in your jammies the whole time!

Our industry moves fast and we're leading the charge! If you’re a highly motivated individual who wants to dominate and loves to innovate, you will fit in with our team. The only thing we ask from our telecommuting team is that you wear pants to the office...