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Wheel Nut Seating Style

The seating style refers to the part of the lug nut that makes contact with the wheel lug seat. The seating style of the lug nut must match the wheel lug seat. Using the wrong seating style will cause vibration, loosening of lug nuts, or damage to your vehicle.

There are three common types of lug nut seating styles determined by your type of wheels: (1) cone or tapered seat, (2) mag or shank seat, and (3) radius or ball seat.

Lug Nut Seating Styles

Cone or Tapered Seat

Cone or tapered seat lug nuts feature a taper at the seating area. This taper is most commonly at a 60-degree angle, although some applications use a 45-degree or 90-degree angle. The angle indicates the degree of separation between the two walls of the lug nut and the wheel lug seat. 

Mag or Shank Seat

Mag or shank seat lug nuts feature a flat seating area. These nuts also feature a shank extension under the head which is used to center the wheel and provide extra thread engagement.

Radius or Ball Seat

Radius or ball seat lug nuts feature a rounded seating area. This rounded area can be at a radius of r12, r13, or r14. Radius or ball seat lug nuts are most commonly used for Acura and Honda applications.


John P Robinson - June 22, 2021

Will these lug nuts fit VMS racing wheels on a 2019 mustang gt

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