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About Us

Nothing, and we mean nothing, is more important than the team!

We mean it! Without each individual doing their part, it would be impossible for Driven Products to succeed and deliver on our mission of being Everyone’s eCommerce Wheel Accessory Supplier.

To operate a successful business, it requires two essential components: highly skilled team members who execute day-to-day operations and serve our customers; and high-quality leadership that supports each team member and is passionate about improving Driven Products. Day-by-day, drip-by-drip, we show up and do the work that matters. Kaizen.


John Derringer, President

John has a deep-rooted passion for team building, mentorship, and personal development. His focus is investing in our team to help us grow as individuals and build things that make us more efficient.

Likes: Traveling, running, unique food, tinkering, track days, and gardening.

"The better you get, the better you better get." - David Allen


Fun Police
Deohgee, Fun Police

Deohgee (Pronounced D.O.G.) is a true native to the Pacific Northwest. She has a passion for barking at inappropriate times and guarding the team from unwarranted solicitors.

Likes: Fetch, pine cones, stargazing, thermonuclear astrophysics, and fine dog food from around the world.

"You can trust your dog to guard your house but never trust your dog to guard your sandwich." - Unknown


Honorio, Warehouse Associate

Honorio was born and raised in Guam then made his way to Washington State in 2012. He has a passion for teamwork, dominating lunchtime games, self improvement, and collaborative work.

Likes: Family time, learning, exercising, basketball, and napping.

"The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth. Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.” - John F. Kennedy

Business up front and a party in the back

Our business philosophy is kind of like a mullet, business up front and party in the back. We take our work seriously, but we don’t have to take ourselves seriously. We do a lot of work and we have a lot of fun. We believe that if you enjoy the people you work with, and like what you are doing, you and your team are more likely to succeed. So that’s what we do, we have fun and work hard, but are always striving to get better.

We are an agile and nimble team. This allows us to make changes on the fly and operate at a high level without disrupting the customer experience or sacrificing our service. As we innovate and collaborate, we also hold ourselves to a high standard of accountability. We’re far from perfect and have a lot we can improve, but that’s ok, because learning and growing as a team, and as an individual, is a ton of fun!

Our 12 Guiding Principles

Our 12 Guiding Principles truly guide our every action. If you really want to know what we are about, read our 12 Guiding Principles. Every team member should refer to these principles when they are ever stuck. Ask any Driven Products team member why they like working here. You might find those answers in how we create our company culture. If you create a great culture, the company manages itself.


Nothing is more important than the team

When we work together, we all succeed. The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team. This is the foundation of our 12 Guiding Principles.


There is only one boss, the customer

And they can fire anybody in the company from the president on down. Simply by spending their money somewhere else. We thrive or fail based on what the customer thinks.


You're not on time unless you’re early

People are depending on you. Don’t keep them waiting. 5 minutes early is on time; on time is late; late is unacceptable.


Be prepared

Today's preparation determines tomorrow's achievement. Remember, prior planning prevents poor performance.


Criticize and be criticized

Question things, give constructive criticism, and expect the same from other team members.


Kaizen: Constant Never-Ending Improvement

Kaizen, is the Japanese word for "continuous improvement". To make the quickest progress, you don't have to take huge leaps. Take baby steps, then keep on taking them. Using Kaizen, great and lasting success is achieved through small, consistent steps.


Practice what you preach

Be consistent. If you are not willing to follow your own advice, nobody else will either.


Go fast but don't hurry

Have a sense of urgency and move quickly in everything you do, just be sure not to hurry. A hurried job done wrong is slower than a job done right at any pace.


Come to win, don't just show up

Always do your best job. If you put your best foot forward everyday you will succeed.


Never put your ethics in question

If it doesn't feel right, don't do it. Everyone at Driven Products must have a high moral and ethical standing.


Only a dumbass trips over the same rock twice

Mistakes are okay as long as you do not repeat them. Learn from everything you do, especially your mistakes. The true mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.


Have a sense of humor!

Having fun, laughing, and telling jokes (clean ones) are not only acceptable, they are encouraged.

Invest, Learn, Grow, & Improve

If we invest in our team, we can grow as individuals and as a company

We hail from Kent, Washington, just 20 miles south of Seattle. Our office is home to a team of smart, scrappy, and devoted individuals. We don’t just show up, but we come to win every day, together. We encourage, challenge, and rely on one another to bring our best.

Each team member receives regular coaching and performance feedback to ensure that we are all aligned toward successful outcomes. Ongoing personal development is not only encouraged, but required. When we all strive to be better and improve our skills, we all win!

By offering company-paid health benefits, generous allotment of paid time off, and performance-based bonus plans, we allow all team members to truly work hard and play hard. Check out the Perks & Bennies of working at Driven Products.

The Story of Driven Products

John Derringer, President, and founder of Driven Products began his journey with a spare set of wheels for his Subaru Legacy. He didn’t realize it, but once he sold that set of wheels and made a few bucks, that would be the launch point for the DP we know today. Driven Products has taken many forms since its beginning and has called home to many locations. From a wheel and tire dealer, to custom wheel services, a tire shop, and even a mobile tire service for supercars, we did a lot. If it involved wheels and tires, we did it.

In 2013 the business hit a crossroads and that’s when John decided to close the tire shop bay doors for the last time, and shift Driven Products focus to build the world’s simplest and most accurate eCommerce buying experience for wheels, tires, and related accessories. This decision was risky but it paid off. By returning to how DP started, and being laser-focused on online sales and fulfillment, we found our niche and realized we were good at it! In 2019 Driven Products narrowed its focus even further by discontinuing wheel and tire sales to focus 100% on growing our own brand of Driven Products wheel accessories. We realized we can do a lot of things poorly, or a few things really well. We chose the latter and leaned into wheel accessories.

Our mission today is simple; to be Everyone’s eCommerce Wheel Accessory Supplier and bring quality wheel accessories to the masses. Without hard work and the courage to make bold decisions, Driven Products wouldn’t be leading the way to offer Speed, Quality, and a unique Customer Experience. This spirit carries through today in everything we do at DP. It has helped shape our culture and forge our 12 Guiding Principles, by which we operate today.