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About Us

Driven Products has been servicing the automotive aftermarket with wheel accessories online since 2008. We also manufacture a line of high quality wheel accessories which includes lug nuts, lug bolts, wheel locks, wheel spacers, hub centric rings, and TPMS sensors for almost as long. Got a few minutes? Check out our story or meet the team.

We focus on quality and speed

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible value. We do this by focusing on two things, speed and quality. What does providing the best value by focusing on speed and quality mean?


  • We offer proactive support for all products and services.
  • We make some of the highest quality wheel accessories in the business. Seriously, we have some of the shiniest nuts you’ll ever see!
  • Along with the parts we make, we also sell wheel accessories from the best brands in the business.


  • We ship fast, really fast! Same day shipping for most items.
  • We respond fast - Our average response time to both email and phone messages is less than one business hour.

We sell high quality wheel accessories

Our philosophy is simple, you can do a lot of things poorly or do a few things well (we learned this the hard way). We are laser focused on selling high quality wheel accessories, like lug nuts, wheel locks, and TPMS sensors for passenger cars and light trucks. We like to say that we do everything wheel related. This includes a single lug nut for a 1980 Ford Pinto to a set of TPMS sensors for a 2018 Ford Focus. It's amazing when you really dive deep into a product category and see how much potential there is in a very small segment of the automotive aftermarket. To put this in perspective, there are thousands of different lug nuts in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors. And, that's just nuts, lug nuts!

Shop our parts on,, and

We thrive on being fast paced and precise! That’s why we’ve chosen (or it chose us) to be an e-commerce retailer of automotive products. Take the competition of e-commerce and the complexity of new vehicle data and you have a recipe for a fast paced and always changing work environment. We’ve been mastering the art of e-commerce on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. Both unique and interesting adventures that have their own customers, requirements, and quirks. Our experience with these marketplaces has enabled us to start selling on since 2018.

As we’ve grown and started to scale, our focus on creating distinctly unique experiences for each marketplace has inspired us to build some pretty cool things. The world of e-commerce is constantly expanding, new marketplaces open regularly, and we are excited to expand with it. Who knows what cool stuff we are going to get inspired to build or where we will end up selling in the future...